Spark 3060

Meet Spark (aka Sparkles) Born 18 September 2003 (pictured as 2yr)
Otapawa Spark 3060 ET is our keeper bull. He is a flush sibling to Lot 1, 2005 Sale, and the National Entry 2005. Spark is everything in one package. Sired By D’artagnion and out of Donor Dam Spot P30. Spot P30 Is now listed under Historical Dams.

He has 100% pigment, a dark soft coat and skin, an awesome carcase with depth, spring of rib and length, a smooth shoulder and impeccable structure. Not to mention a beautiful temperament.
Spark is now nine and has bred some outstanding progeny in New Zealand, Australia and throughout South America. His consistenty breeding of high performance progeny over 7 years has seen his performance data across the board rise to a level that would rarely be equalled.
The top three weight gain Rsg 2 year bulls at Otapawa were all sired by Spark. Spark is now being used heavily in Australia and we look forward to following the progress of the herds using him.
Semen is for sale from Spark. We will also collect for Export.
Enquiries to Stuart Robbie

Spark info brochure click on link (PDF)

Otapawa Spark  Brochure 2012




Otapawa Spark 3060 ET Otapawa Spark 3060 ET Otapawa Spark 3060 ET


Progeny Otapawa Spark

Otapawa Spark Two 2070 (Twin) Bowen Flasher: Otapawa Spark Son


Otapawa Spark Otapawa Spark Otapawa Spark Otapawa Spark