Otapawa Poll Hereford Stud hosts an Annual On Farm Bull Sale

at Tiraumea, Northern Wairarapa, North Island, New Zealand.

We have 30 to 40 bulls on offer each year.  Pre sale day inspection welcome.
We pride ourselves on grass finished bulls.  Supplement baleage is feed during 4 weeks prior to sale day.


NEXT SALE DAY:   Tuesday  June 4  2024

Direct Link to Online 2024 catalogue here: → 2024 BULL SALE CATALOGUE

Auction Starts 12 noon. Live Auction on Bidr.


We welcome you to view  the Bulls directly in the paddock

prior to Sale Day, or from 10am on the morning of the sale.

Stuart 027 8484408   Douglas 027 9197150

351 Haunui Road,  Tiraumea.

35 Sale Bulls


Luncheon and refreshments are supplied.

Self contained accommodation is available prior and post Sale

Please don’t hesitate to contact us :o tapawa@xtra.co.nz


  • Selected yearling bulls are available by private treaty.
  • Enquiries for females and embryos welcomed.
  • Dairy bull sales available on request.


  • BVD TESTED AND VACCINATED all bulls tested negative.
  • ALL  bulls are Hypo tested and DNA Sire verified and profile

2024 online Catalogue Click Here


2023 Bulls…..  here are some of the line up.


A Snippet of the 2022 SALE BULLS



2021 Sale Bulls

2019 Bull Listings – 31 Bulls for Sale


Lot 1 Otapawa Cardy 7121

Otapawa Cardy 7121 – Clink to link to Pedigree


Lot 2 Otapawa Stately 7021

Otapawa Stately 7021 – Clink to link to Pedigree

Lot 3 Otapawa Red 7041

Otapawa Red 7041 – Clink to link to Pedigree

Lot 4 Otapawa Gunson 7070

Otapawa Gunson 7070 – Clink to link to Pedigree


Lot 5 Otapawa Shade 7047

Otapawa Shade 7047 – Clink to link to Pedigree


Lot 6 Otapawa Bullets 7081

Otapawa BULLETS 7081 – Clink to link to Pedigree

Lot 7 Otapawa Kingmaker 7046

Otapawa Kingmaker 7046 – Clink to link to Pedigree

Lot 8 Otapawa Sunset 7089

Otapawa Sunset 7089 – Clink to link to Pedigree

Lot 9 Otapawa Pageboy 7143

Otapawa Pageboy 7143 – Clink to link to Pedigree

Lot 10 Otapawa Snatch 7147

Otapawa Snatch 7147 – Clink to link to Pedigree

Lot 11 Otapawa Target 7036

Otapawa Target  7036 – Clink to link to Pedigree


Lot 12 Otapawa Numbers 7024

Otapawa Numbers  7024 – Clink to link to Pedigree


Lot 13 Otapawa Ash 7057

Otapawa Ash  7057 – Clink to link to Pedigree


Lot 14 Otapawa Clever 7072

Otapawa Clever  7072 – Clink to link to Pedigree



Lot 15 Otapawa Red Lords 7119

Otapawa Red Lords  7119 – Clink to link to Pedigree

Lot 16 Otapawa Hotshot 7006

Otapawa Hotshot  7006 – Clink to link to Pedigree

Lot 17 Otapawa Truedart 7009

Otapawa Truedart  7009 – Clink to link to Pedigree

Lot 18 Otapawa Abacus 7038

Otapawa Abacus 7038 – Clink to link to Pedigree

Lot 19 Otapawa Realm 7020

Otapawa Realm 7020 – Clink to link to Pedigree


Lot 20 Otapawa Addition 7065

Otapawa Addition 7065 – Clink to link to Pedigree (Not Transferable)

Lot 21 Otapawa Keel Boy  7110

Otapawa Keel Boy 7110 – Clink to link to Pedigree


Lot 22 Otapawa Lord 7071

Otapawa Lord 7071 – Clink to link to Pedigree

Lot 23 Otapawa Slugshot 7091

Otapawa Slugshot 7091 – Clink to link to Pedigree

Lot 24 Otapawa Lords 7113

Otapawa Lords 7113- Clink to link to Pedigree

Lot 25 Otapawa Crimson 7055

Otapawa Crimson 7055- Clink to link to Pedigree

Lot 26 Otapawa Hotson 7050

Otapawa Hotson 7050- Clink to link to Pedigree

Lot 27 Otapawa Lord 7115

Otapawa Lord 7115- Clink to link to Pedigree












2018 Catalogue

Lot 1: Otapawa Station Bull  6098 – 38kgs BW

A Really awesome station bull with attractive profile and balance. Was a standout calf that has carried on . Top 15% for 200,400,600 growth and EMA. Not for Stud transfer.

Lot 2: Otapawa Bully 6017 – 37kgs BW

A well framed, long bodied Red Lord son. Great all round eye appeal with dark colour and cosmetics. Balanced EBVs, top 5% for 200 and 400 weights and top 15% 600 day growth.

Lot 3: Otapawa Sir Red 6004 – 37kgs BW

Another attractive Red Lord out of one of the very best Spark cows you will find. Lovely dark skin, long deep bodied. Great Data. Sir Red 6004 weaned as one of the top calves. Top 5% 200,400,600 weights. Top 10% EMA.  Hypo Carrier


Lot 4: Otapawa Smoke 6074 – 37kgs BW

Really eye catching bull, typical Bullet with great length, colour and muscle. Stud sire prospect.

Lot 5: Otapawa Mr Rateable 6110 – 37kgs BW

Mr Rateable is just that. One of the picks this year. Excellent growth, length and balance. Real Volume and constitution with heaps of breed quality. Excellent EBVs. Strong maternal traits, top 1% Milk. top 20% EMA.


Lot 6: Otapawa Little Dart 6003 – 38kgs BW

Outstanding bull exhibits the strengths of his sire. Big framed solid and easy doing. Top 1% for 200,400,600 weights.


Lot 7: Otapawa Barrel 6041 – 36kgs BW


Long bodied Bullet with great skin and colour. Strong set of EBVs. Small scurs. Top 5% 200,400,600 weight and top 10% EMA.


Lot 8: Otapawa Tradition 6089 – 37kgs BW

Tradition is truely a strong young bull. Strength of spine, volume, colour, depth.


Lot 9: Otapawa Vikings 6009- 36kgs BW

6009 had been used as a yearling.


Lot 10: Otapawa Jupiter 6018- 38kgs BW

Deep bodied easy doing Jupiter bull. Out of 9130 who is an outstanding rising 8yr Spark cow.


Lot 11: Otapawa Red Boy 6068- 38kgs BW

Redboy is developing into an awesome young bull with a smooth shoulder, long bodied and strong spine. 7002 is one of the top 5 cows in the herd and a consistent breeder. Excellent set of EBVs.


Lot 12: Otapawa Riptide 6043- 36kgs BW

In support of NZHA Youth 1% of sale price will be donated to Hereford Youth

Awesome young Bullet bull. Great length and carcase and from an excellent Spark cow. Outstanding EBVs. Top 10% 200, EMA. Top 1% 400 and 600 weights. Excellent calving ease. Stud Sire prospect.


Lot 13: Otapawa Idol 6092- 37kgs BW

Idol is an ideal Heifer bull. Well balanced with depth and thickness. Low birth and high maternal. Top 1% Milk.


Lot 14: Otapawa Sonny 6076- 36kgs BW

6076 is a really eye catching young bull. Great head and strong spine with loads of breed quality.



Lot 15: Otapawa Classic 6039- 36kgs BW

Classic 6039 is a very powerful iconic bull. Tremendous thickness and volume. Well set up as a station sire. Top 5% Milk.

Lot 16: Otapawa Brother 6069- 41kgs BW

This guy weaned as one of the pick calves. He has certainly carried on. Big framed, long bodied, smooth and excellent muscle shape. Really powerful EBVs. Top 1% 200, 400, 600 weights.



Lot 17: Otapawa Twin one 6071- 34kgs BW

Strong sound station bull with tonnes of quality. A twin that has grown on well.



Lot 18: Otapawa Fleet 6022- 37kgs BW

Another great packaged young sire, complimented with great EBVs. Top 5% 400 and 600 weight and top 10% EMA.



Lot 19: Otapawa Shell – 39kgs BW

A strong Bullet son. Big frame plenty of length that will add plenty of performance to any programme. Strong maternal line. Top 10% 400 and 600 weights.


Lot 19: Otapawa Red Realm 6033 – 38kgs BW

A very young bull with excellent structure and attractive profile. Dam 9019 is a very productive rising 9 yr cow.




  • 2017 Sale results

Lot 1: Otapawa Red 5114 – 41kgs BW

A very Complete young bull, great length, depth aof barrel and thickness. Excellent performance figures and great maternal attributes.

Sold to Birch Hill Station $10,000


Lot 2: Otapawa Westerley 5045 – 38kgs BW



Westerley had loads of volume in an attractive smooth frame. By Equinox and out of a first calver. Strong maternal Modesty family.

Sold to Brooklands Station $12,500


Lot 3: Otapawa Fireman 5127 – 38kgs BW

A really sound well balanced bull. Excellent conformation with lots of carcass. Great set of figures again.Top 5% for 200,400 & 600 day wgts.

Sold to Okura $10,000


Lot 4: Otapawa Choice 5023 – 35kgs BW

A good framed long bodied bull and will grow on. Dam has weaned one the very best calves this year.

Sold to Awhitu Heights $8000


Lot 5: Otapawa Captains Boy 5125 -

A young bull with a smooth shoulder and great length.

Sold to Pahou Station $5500


Lot 6: Otapawa Captin 5145 – 39kgs BW

Captain is a really good bull, great skin, lots of thickness in carcase yet very well put together. Great spread of figures in all traits. Outstanding Dam who produces a top calf.

Sold to Awhitu Heights $9500


Lot 7: Otapawa Boone 5103 – 41kgs BW

Boone is a really nice balanced Equinox bull. Great skin and excellent growth performance data. Top 5% for 200,400 & 600 wgt gain.

Sold to Pahou Station $6500

Lot 8
: Otapawa Boy 5130 – 38kgs BW

Boy is a very complete bull with very good balance and carcass quality. Very strong performance data with excellent milk figure – Dam 8046 produced top sellingExpo sire.

Sold $9000


Lot 9: Otapawa Legacy 5140

Legacy is a very good Flint bull with good presence. Great colour. Growing well for a late October calf.

Withdrawn due to injury


Lot 10: Otapawa Fullbore 5135 – 36kgs

A very well set up young sire. Great set of data, with excellent milk and carcass, while keeping good birth EBVs.Top 10% 200,400,600 & EMA and top1% milk. Hypo Carrier.

Sold $9000


Lot 11: Otapawa Admiral Son 5150 – 37kgBW

Admiral Son is another very good deep bodied young bull.

Sold $10500


Lot 12: Otapawa Bosco 5046 – 38kg BW

A quality Iconic son. Real grunty bull with lots of volume.Top 15% for milk.

Sold $8500


Lot 13: Otapawa Amazon 5034 – 36kg BW

Attractive Flint bull with very good balanced figures.

Sold $8000


Lot 14: Otapawa Admiral 5026 – 34kg BW

Quality well balanced young sire. Smooth skinned, good heifer mating bull.

Sold $6500


Total of 32 bulls are cataloged for 2017 sale.

Thank you to all buyers and under bidders.  Remember a full bull back up service is available. We wish you well with your new boys!

Average $7000 total clearance